Spout, Handle and Water Outlet Orientation Form

One of benefits of being the manufacturer of the Bison Pumps deep well pump systems is that we can customize them to meet customer’s needs. An issue that arises is a customer’s install location restricts one or more pump head feature (spout, handle or water outlet) with the standard orientation. All deep well pump heads have the spout at 12 o’clock and the handle at 6 o’clock.

All Side-By-Side or Standalone Deep Well Pump Systems, except the Submersible Connection, can use the Standard, Flat Flange and 2 Inch Deep Well Pump Head Orientation Form to tell us where to place the spout and/or handle besides at the standard positions.

When purchasing a Submersible Connection Deep Well Pump System, the pump head has three features that must be oriented. The water outlet elbow for the electric submersible pump’s output, the handle and spout could all require new orientation depending on the customer’s situation. Use the Submersible Connection Deep Well Pump Head Orientation Form to communicate the orientation of each feature.

Customers with Stacked Deep Well Pump Systems have orientation issues similar to the Submersible Connection pump head. It too has a water outlet that must be directed towards the existing water line. Spout and handle orientations may be impacted by the placement of the electric submersible pump water outlet direction. Use the Inline – Top Deep Well Pump Head Orientation Form to communicate the features of this pump head.

When purchasing a Submersible Connection or Stacked pump head, completing an orientation form is mandatory. We will need to have photos of your installation to correlate to the requested change. This is part of our quality control to be sure all issues are addressed to ensure a smooth installation of the Bison pump system. Side-By-Side pump heads are all shipped with the standard orientation unless the customer specifically requests a modification. This request must be done using the orientation form. If you have indicated a desire to reorient one or more features on your pump head keep in mind that we cannot begin manufacturing the pump head without a customer approved orientation form.