Inline – Top Spout Shut Off Valve Assembly

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Bison Pumps’ Inline – Top pump head comes standard with an Inline Shut-Off Valve Assembly attached to the spout. This is required equipment for an Inline – Top Deep Well Pump System. When the electric submersible pump is running, this valve must be in the off position to prevent the water output from the electric pump exiting the spout instead of flowing through its connection that runs to the home.

This is a replacement assembly for the shut-off valve. It is made of lead-free brass and has hose bibb adapters on each end. These allow it to be connected directly to the hose bibb on the spout and to a hose at the end of the shut-off valve. The β€œspout” end has a swivel connection to make it easier to thread onto the spout. The assembly has a handle to turn the valve on/off and also includes a brass bibb cap to seal the end of the valve.


Design and Construction

  • Hose bibb connection to attach to spout
  • Swivel hose bibb connection for easy hose connection
  • Handle to turn valve on/off
  • Material: Lead free brass body; ball is full port; chrome plated brass.
  • Seats and stem packing is virgin PTFE. Bottom loaded, blowout proof stern is lead free brass with an elastomer O-ring and adjustable packing nut threaded to body.
  • Pressure Rating: 600 PSI WOG


  • Length: 4 3/4”
  • 3/4” GH female connection on one end
  • 3/4” GH male connection on other end


  • 1 – In-line 3/4” 600 PSI Shut-Off Valve
  • 1 – 3/4” GH male to 3/4” NPT male adapter; no lead brass
  • 1 – 3/4” GH female swivel to 3/4” NPT male adapter; no lead brass
  • 1 – Hose bibb cap; no lead brass


This part works with these pumps: