Our website has a great deal of support information about pump systems. Whether you know a little or a lot, you are sure to find the information you need regarding pump installation, troubleshooting, learning about your well and specific hand pump resources.

The number one question we get from customers is:

β€œCan this pump system be used in the same well that has my electric submersible pump installed?”

For most customers the answer isΒ YES. Bison Pumps was created to solve that exact issue. The deep well pump systems are specifically designed to allow them to be installed into the same well casing with an existing electric submersible pump or a Jet pump. Because there are many variations in well system designs and sizes we offer different pump systems to meet each well system requirement.

In order to know which pump system matches your well design we must get a certain amount of information from you regarding your well. The more information that we have the better we can design the pump system to match your well set up. We have a Well Information Form Guide that customers can use to obtain the required information. This guide will also provide explanations of the questions being asked. Customers will have a good level of understanding the pump systems after going through this form.

This section helps you learn about the different types of pumps, the specific models within each type, and when to use each.

Our FAQs section provides answers to the most common deep well and shallow well questions that our customers have.

Our video section will help you learn more about installing and maintaining our pumps as well as industry and company news.

This section contains the manuals and diagrams for all of our pumps and products.

This form guides you through the process of gathering your well information so you can obtain an estimate for a Bison Pumps well pump system.

Our resource section provides a wealth of information about specific pump topics such as Static Water Level, Cylinder Specifications and more.