Check Valve with Pressure Gauge

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Bison Pumps offers a pressurizing system that allows a Bison Pump to pump water under pressure. The check valve system connects to the spout of the Bison Pump. This is a component of a system that will enable you to to have Pressurized Back up Water! It can also be used to pump water uphill to an overhead tank.

This only includes the one-way check valve system that attaches to the hose bibb on the spout of a shallow or deep well pump head.


Design and Construction

  • 3/4” Lead-free brass check valve
  • Lead-free brass swivel adapter (3/4” GHT female to 3/4” NPT male)
  • Lead-free brass adapter (3/4” GHT male to 3/4” NPT female)
  • Lead-free bleed off valve
  • Dial type pressure reading gauge in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)


  • Length: 8 in
  • Weight: 2 lbs


  • 1 – Check Valve with Pressure Gauge and Bleed Off Valve installed


  • The instructions for usage of the Pressurizing Kit are included in the Owner’s Manuals of each Pump System.


This accessory works with these pumps: