Stacked Cylinders

All Bison Pumps Stacked Deep Well Pump Systems use the Stacked Cylinders. These are Standard Cylinders consisting of the cylinder body, end caps, filter and piston assembly plus a protective stainless-steel support structure.

When our Stacked Deep Well Pump System is installed, the electric submersible pump system is connected to the bottom of the Bison Pump cylinder. The Standard Cylinder was not designed to handle this extra weight being pulled on the bottom end cap where the pipe connection is made. The six screws holding the end cap to the cylinder body were not intended to be weight bearing. To address this issue, our Stainless Steel Stacked Cylinders have a support structure that surrounds the Standard Cylinder, thus preventing the components from pulling apart. The support structure system has its own male 1 1/4” NPT connection to connect to the electric submersible pump pipe. It has a female 1 1/4” connection on the top to connect to the Bison Pumps Drop Pipe.

Stacked Cylinders are Standard Cylinders with the protective support structure and as such are defined by the diameter of the Standard Cylinder body, not the structure diameter. The diameter of the cylinder body (such as 2-inch) determines the water output per stroke. The deciding factors when choosing a cylinder size for a Stacked Deep Well Pump System are the available space in the well casing, output of the electric submersible pump, plus the static water level.

The Stacked Cylinder Selection Chart shows the recommended cylinder size at various depths. Only the green zone is suggested for use.

Choosing a smaller cylinder than is recommended by the chart can be used to decrease the required effort on the handle or to accommodate less available space inside the well casing. Selecting a smaller cylinder than the chart recommends will reduce the water output per stroke. We do not recommend using a cylinder that is larger than recommended (outside the green zone) due to the increased handle effort.

Stacked Cylinders allow the water output from the electric submersible pump to travel through it. To prevent damage to the cylinder’s internal components the pressure created by the electric pumps must be regulated. The larger 2.5” Stacked Cylinder can accommodate up to 28 gallons per minute (GPM). The 2” cylinder is limited to 12 GPM.

Bison Pumps offers two Stacked Cylinder sizes: 2” and 2.5”.

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