Maintenance Kits

Bison Pumps do not require regular maintenance. We recommend monthly usage to keep the internal components operational. However, the Bison Pump Systems are designed with wear items that must be replaced periodically. The frequency of replacement is determined by usage, water quality and other factors.

There are two maintenance kits for Deep Well Pump Systems: one for the pump head and one for the cylinder. Shallow well pumps have their β€œcylinder” above ground as part of the pump body. Therefore, there is only one maintenance kit for that style of pump.

Bison Pumps makes improvements to the pump systems over time resulting in wear items that are different from one model year to the next. With over 20 years of pumps installed, there are several revisions in the field. Review the descriptions to match your year of purchase as a filter. Correspond that information with the Lift Rod and related connection style on the pump head. Cylinders had their primary changes in the area of check valve styles, end cap styles and filters.

If you are not sure which one is right for you, Bison Pumps technical support is always ready to assist. A photo of your pump head, cylinder or shallow well pump will be the best method of communicating to us your model of pump system component.

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