Model 1900 Seal Maintenance Kit – Revision C Rod Connector Secured with a Shoulder Screw

SKU 55-001-3-04-01 Category
DescriptionQtyPart Number
1A) Custom Low-Profile Fastener150-001-0-08-02
2A) Packing Gland Nut150-100-0-07-00
2B) Packing Gland Backing Washer104-000-5-40-02
2C) Packing Gland Cup Seal104-001-3-71-01
2D) Bottom Bushing150-100-0-08-05
3A) Top Plate O-Ring104-139-3-70-02
4A) Rod Connector Shoulder Screw 150-001-0-04-05
5) Check Valve204-000-5-75-01
6) Internal Snap Ring204-022-1-68-01
7) Piston Cup Seal204-002-3-71-01
8) Link Washer1204-000-5-40-01
9) Hex Lock Nut, 3/8β€³-16204-000-1-50-20
10) Hex Lock Nut, 5/16β€³-18104-000-1-50-19
11) O-Ring Pick Tool155-001-0-07-00

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This maintenance kit is for our most recent standard model of the Model 1900 Stainless Steel Pitcher Pump. To verify this kit is for your pump, identify how the Rod Connector is secured to the Lift Rod. In addition, this maintenance kit does not include items for the Drain Back Feature. Our current models use a Shoulder Screw (tight tolerance shoulder to reduce wear) to attach the Rod Connector to the Lift Rod.

With this kit you will be able to replace all wear items and some hardware to keep your Bison Pump running strong!


Design and Construction

  • Replacements for all wear items
  • Additional stainless-steel hardware in case of loss
  • Seal Pick Tool to assist in uninstall/install of cup seals and O-rings




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