Bison Pumps strives to offer the highest quality stainless steel hand pump for groundwater wells and systems along with premium customer service.

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gangplank Overboard
gangplank Overboard
02:47 23 Jun 22
I chose Bison Pumps over Baker for several reasons:1. Made in America w/Lifetime warranty2. The material is stainless steel-I think far more ideal (no possibility of rust as with the other system made of cast iron)3. Reviews elsewhere about the product itself have been phenomenal4. 99.9% of descriptions of peoples interactions with the staff was positive.I worked with a fella named Brayden... who helped me (very patiently) through the process of selecting the right pump, measurements, etc. I told him up front he had a high bar to meet based on the reviews I'd read about customer service and the reputation. He even took time on a few occasions to to field my phone calls outside of his regular hours (different time zones and I work stoopid long hours)-that's pretty cool. His boss needs to give him a raise because I'm sure I'm not the only sale he's closed because of his making himself available for extenuating circumstances like that. After all this, turns out my pump needed some 'customization' with the handle (needed to be made off the usual 90 degree axis) so he went to the design team to see if it could be done-and it can! Now we are mere weeks away from being dependent for the lights to stay on in order for us to have water. Soon the world can go to hell and we'll still have access to water. Thank you Brayden for making this happen!read more
Marcelo R
Marcelo R
15:46 23 Apr 20
I have just finished a transaction from abroad. a very reliable company and also its staff.