Model 1900 Stainless Steel Pitcher Pump Basics

Use the Model 1900 Pitcher Pump System if your well specs meet one of these scenarios:

Total Vertical Lift:25′ or less
Freezing is an Issue:No
Total Vertical Lift:25′ or less
Freezing is an Issue:No – winterization or non-use is an option
Total Vertical Lift:25′ or less
Freezing is an Issue:No
Filling a Pressure Tank is DesiredYes


The Bison Pump Stainless Steel Pitcher Pump is a shallow well pump. Learn how shallow wells function at Shallow Well Pump Basics. They are designed for situations where the Total Vertical Lift is 25 feet or less. Because the Model 1900 is a suction pump, it can draw from multiple water sources such as wells, cisterns, lakes, ponds and rainfall collection systems. With this flexibility in water sources, the stainless-steel pitcher pump can be installed in many applications, such as in a basement, on a kitchen countertop, on a cistern, on a dock pier or in a garden. If installing in a garden, our Pitcher Pump Stand – Model 1900 is a great addition!

Pump Installed on Kitchen Counter
Pump Installed on Pitcher Pump Stand

Model 1900 Pitcher Pump with Pressurizing System

Many customers enjoy the ability of the Model 1900 pump to fill their pressure tank during power outages. When you purchase the Pressurizing System option, you can attach the pump directly to your pressure tank. This allows you to have not only back-up water but Pressurized Back Up Water during a power outage.

When purchasing the Pressurizing Kit as an option, consider whether an S Handle is an appropriate addition. This handle would be added in place of the standard handle to create more leverage during pumping. This decreases the pumping effort required during pressurizing of a tank. This handle extends below the mounting location, and therefore can only be installed in locations that can accommodate that aspect of the handle.

Being a suction pump, the Model 1900 pump is subject to freezing. There is water retained below the piston and above the foot valve that cannot be drained in the standard pump model. If your application would result in the pump being exposed to the elements (a remote cabin with no electricity for example), then you would need to add the Drain Back Feature to your order. This option is an integral part of the pump and must be included in the initial order. It cannot be added at a later time. Be aware, however, that even though the pump is drained, it cannot be used while it is exposed to freezing temperatures. Movement of the handle during these conditions can cause internal damage to the pump.

The pump has a threaded 2-inch water inlet. For most applications, the incoming water line is smaller (typically 1 1/4” or 1”), and therefore Reducing Bushings are required which can be supplied by Bison Pumps. These applications are usually where the pump is mounted away from the well or other water source. In situations where there is a driven well, often these are 2-inch casings and are threaded on top. A Model 1900 can be threaded directly onto a casing of a 2-inch driven well that has a 2” NPT thread on top.