S Handle

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An S Handle is a handle used on a Model 1900 Stainless Steel Pitcher Pump that provides extra length compared to the standard handle. The purpose of the longer handle is to provide more leverage while pumping. This may be important in situations where the Model 1900 pump is being used to pressurize a tank. When performing this task the difficulty of pumping will increase as the tank fills. With a longer handle the added leverage decreases the effort required to pump the handle against the pressure push back from the tank.

The S Handle will extend below the mounting surface of the Model 1900 pump. Therefore, it can only be used where this is not an issue.

Typically this handle will be purchased initially with the Model 1900 pump. If it is purchased later, then the original handle would be disassembled from the pump links and lift rod connector. All hardware should be retained that was removed during this process. Simply reinstall the S Handle using the same hardware and in the same sequence as was used to disassemble the original handle.


Design and Construction

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Welded Components
  • Hand-Polished (for a professional shine finish)
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Length: 36”


  • 1 – 304 Stainless Steel S style handle



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