Shipping & Returns

Bison Pumps ships all over the world. Bison Pumps will arrange the shipping, unless the order is freight or international, in which case the customer’s shipping account may be used.

For all orders, we require payment prior to shipping the order. Please contact a salesperson for a shipping quote. You will receive an email with tracking information when your order has shipped. Also, Bison Pumps can provide all shipping documents for no additional charge (packing lists, commercial invoice, Certificate of Origin, etc.).

In the case of returns, these would be handled with the Sales staff issuing an RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) form after reviewing the particular situation. Each customer case is different and will be handled accordingly. However, in general, if we are replacing a component (cylinder for example) we will ship it to you with an invoice to cover the cost of the item. Typically, we will provide a return shipping label for the “returned cylinder” in this example. Once the item is returned and reviewed by our technical staff and determined that the issue is our responsibility a credit will be issued to the customer resulting in no cost to the customer.

In no case should a customer return an item to Bison Pumps without first communicating with a Sales team member and receiving an RGA form.