The Stainless Steel Cylinder for all Bison Pumps Deep Well Pump Systems is what lifts the water from the well and out the spout. This is the actual pump of the system. The size is based on the depth of the Static Water Level and available space inside the well casing.

The Lift Pump section describes in detail how they function.

As the static water level gets deeper, more water and rod must be lifted with each stroke. To offset this increased weight of water and rod, we decrease the diameter of the cylinder as the static water level gets deeper. A cylinder’s output of water per stroke will decrease as the diameter of the cylinder decreases. This means that for each stroke you are lifting less water resulting in less pressure required on the handle to push it down. It does mean that more strokes are required to pump a certain amount of water (a gallon of water for example) as the cylinder size decreases.

There are two types of cylinders provided by Bison Pumps: Standard and Stacked.

Using the Static Water Level measurement, we determine the cylinder size using the following charts:

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