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Can a Bison hand pump be installed alongside my existing submersible pump?


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All Bison Pumps are capable of
pressurizing a tank or pumping uphill
with our pressurizing kit.

All Bison Pumps are capable of
pressurizing a tank or pumping uphill
with our pressurizing kit.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Steve Newman
Steve Newman
Great pump! The customer service is as good as the pump. Would highly recommend .
Sally McGregor
Sally McGregor
I bought a Bison pump for my property in the Mt. Shasta (CA USA) area about fifteen years ago. Got great service at the time, and it has lasted without any problems, first as a primary water source then as backup, once we got power to the property. Great product.
Johnny Kadlik
Johnny Kadlik
I did a lot of research, and spoke on the phone with a lot of companies that make hand pumps for existing wells, and I settled on Bison. Their customer service has been top notch, and their commitment to their product is truly impressive. I am thrilled to be a customer.
gangplank Overboard
gangplank Overboard
I chose Bison Pumps over Baker for several reasons:1. Made in America w/Lifetime warranty2. The material is stainless steel-I think far more ideal (no possibility of rust as with the other system made of cast iron)3. Reviews elsewhere about the product itself have been phenomenal4. 99.9% of descriptions of peoples interactions with the staff was positive.I worked with a fella named Brayden who helped me (very patiently) through the process of selecting the right pump, measurements, etc. I told him up front he had a high bar to meet based on the reviews I'd read about customer service and the reputation. He even took time on a few occasions to to field my phone calls outside of his regular hours (different time zones and I work stoopid long hours)-that's pretty cool. His boss needs to give him a raise because I'm sure I'm not the only sale he's closed because of his making himself available for extenuating circumstances like that. After all this, turns out my pump needed some 'customization' with the handle (needed to be made off the usual 90 degree axis) so he went to the design team to see if it could be done-and it can! Now we are mere weeks away from being dependent for the lights to stay on in order for us to have water. Soon the world can go to hell and we'll still have access to water. Thank you Brayden for making this happen!
Outstanding customer service. We ordered one of their pumps a couple months ago and have had to make numerous changes over the last few weeks. Judy at Bison worked with us every step of the way and has been extremely helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend.
I did a lot of research before buying a hand pump for my well. Bison probably wasn't the cheapest. But after getting a quote. Talking to staff. Watching the videos. Getting support after the sale. Bison was worth the money. Plus it's American made. Works flawlessly.
We contacted Bison Pumps and talked with Rachel and she was very helpful and we had a quote within a few hours and we ordered a deep well pump mid December and received it in good condition a couple days ago. We watched the installation video on youtube a couple of times and this morning layed out a tarp on the snow to keep everything clean and 2 hours later we were pumping water from 50' My wife helped me and there was no bickering 🧐
It gives us peace of mind to have good clean water along with heat and shelter in the event of a power failure or crisis.
Well built and easy to install. We recommend dealing with Bison.
I bought my shallow well hand pump in 2014, and I want to say that Judy and Lee are among the most competent human beings I’ve ever worked with. They respond promptly to any questions, and they go above and beyond to simplify the process of operating a technology that most of us have had little previous experience using. I absolutely love my pump, and I have dedicated a waterline from my well to it. I recently added a second line for eventual plumbing, but I’m designing my kitchen sink around my pump, which will allow me to extend my stay here in my seasonal Adirondack home beyond the traditional Oct. 15 date to blow out the pipes. Thank you a million times for your continuity, personableness, quick responses, and clarity!
Our 10 yr old Bison Shallow Well pump started to show some signs of unhappiness a few weeks ago. The suspected culprit is a certain 8yr old with a habit of impatience when drawing water...... Anyway, the pump died. A call to Bison and Judy took over, listened and sent me on to Lee! Lee with his MAINE accent, on a cell phone, me with a cell phone in a sketchy coverage area.... He was careful and really good at helping me get the pump disassembled, diagnosed and Judy took on the shipping and very quick turn around of our now refurbished pump! I head out off-grid tomorrow and look forward to having our water back! Watch out Lee, I just might need a little more helpοΏ½
I really need to get one. The sooner, the better

Too many power outages and now talk of EMPs
Drove a shallow well for garden water and an emergency off-the-grid source of water..Bison Pumps is the brand I trust most for superior performance. I will be weatherizing this in the winter but still keep it operational. Regardless of where it's made, Bison pumps has kept their manufacturing quality high through the years. Nice finish, no concerns about peeling or chipping. This little pump is made to last.

Bison Pumps Are Designed & Manufactured In-House in the U.S.

Education Corner

Bison Pumps Support

Water pumps can be very helpful to folks in geographic areas where water shortages can occur due to extreme heat. But they can also be of invaluable benefit to people experiencing freezing temperatures like in Texas during the 2021 winter freeze. (BTW, our Bison Pumps do not freeze.)

But how does a water pump actually work? What are the components involved? How do you get water out of the ground? These are good basic questions, so let’s find out the answers.


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