Pressurizing Or Pumping Uphill

All Bison Pumps are capable of pressurizing tanks and/or pumping uphill. This is due to the closed system design of the Bison pump head. The Packing Gland Nut/ Packing Cup Seal combination around the lift rod prevent water from leaking while under pressure.

Shallow Well with Pressurizing Kit

In order to perform pressurization activities the pump spout needs to have a Pressurizing System attached. This is effectively a one way flow valve that only allows water to flow out of the spout. As pressure (either from a tank or gravity from pumping uphill) builds, water will attempt to flow back into the pump. The pressurizing kit prevents the back flow of water and allows pressure to build up in the tank. A normal home water system will operate between 40-60 psi.

When pumping uphill a similar situation is encountered. Water pressure in the hose going uphill will start to push water back to the pump. Using theΒ Pressurizing SystemΒ water will be pumped into the hose and up the hill and not be allowed to flow backward into the pump. It is important to use the largest diameter hose available to ease the pumping action required.

Under both scenarios the pumping action required becomes more difficult as the pressure builds. Any time there is pressure, there is danger. Always pay attention to any piping that is under pressure looking for defects or loose connections that could lead to an explosion or other dangerous outcome.