Drop Pipe and Rod

Bison Pumps Deep Well Pump Systems utilize Schedule 120 PVC pipe for use down the well. We use Schedule 120 while most systems use thinner walled Schedule 80. With the Schedule 120 we know the pipe will not stretch and potentially make the pump system inoperable.

In addition, the Bison Pumps Pipe has a patented bell shape on the end that replaces the need for a coupling. The inside of the bell self-aligns the threads to prevent cross threading. This is important when you are attaching 8-foot lengths of drop pipe together. If a thread gets misaligned, it could result in cracking the pipe or creating an opening that would allow vacuum loss resulting in pump failure.

The stretching is of particular concern with very deep static water levels. Bison Pumps recommends switching from our standard 1 1/4” to 1” Schedule 120 PVC Pipe for static water depths beyond 160 feet. This minimizes the weight of the water column being lifted. This enables the pump to lift from as deep as a 300-foot static water level when used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty Pump Head option.

Each section of drop pipe contains a 3/8” Stainless Steel rod with hardware for attaching to the next section.

Bison Pumps sells these in 8-foot and 4-foot sections to reach approximately 20 feet below your static water level.

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