Well Information Form

Purpose of the Form

Bison Pumps developed the Well Information Form to help you gather your well information so you can obtain an estimate for a deep well pump system. The form asks about most of the details required to provide a reasonable estimate for a given well set up. After receiving your completed form, a Bison Pumps representative will contact you to discuss the responses. In some cases, pictures or other measurements may be needed. From this information, Bison Pumps will be able to provide a β€œfinal design” quote (what we believe to be appropriate for your situation). It is imperative to have a discussion prior to ordering. Installing a Bison Pump is a lifetime investment, and we will work with you to provide the best setup for your situation.

Photographs of your well setup are always a great way to get started. If possible, please provide a photo from a distance (10 feet or so) and one or more up close (depending on the complexity of your well setup) emailed with the form. The more information that you can provide on the form the better quote and conversation we can have with you.

Prior to going to the well, be sure to turn off the electricity to the electric pump in the well if you have one. If you have been using a lot of water, please wait 30 minutes after turning off the power for your well to refill. Remove the well cap for access to the inside of the well casing.

How to Complete Your Well Information Form

We recommend the following steps to help you fill out your Well Information Form easily and accurately:

  1. Download and print the formΒ so you can fill it out prior to submitting it to us.
  2. Locate your well report as it will contain most, if not all, of the information required to fill out the form.
  3. Reference our Form Guide to get more detailed information to help you answer each question.

How to Submit Your Well Information Form

We offer 2 ways to submit your well information to us.

Upload a scanned copy of your completed form.


Use our Quick Submit Form to submit your answers online.

Don’t forget to send us a copy of your well report and photos of your well setup.

What To Expect

Once we receive your Well Information Form, aΒ member of our Bison Pumps Sales will contact you regarding your specific well setup.