Stacked Deep Well Pump Systems

The Bison Pumps Stacked Deep Well Pump System is designed specifically to address wells that have casings or liners that are too small in diameter to allow our Standard Deep Well Pump System to go Side-by-Side in the well casing with the electric submersible pump system. We would define β€œtoo small” as cased wells (usually 4 to 5 inches in diameter) with an electric submersible pump installed or a well casing that is large enough but the well has a liner installed that effectively reduces the available space for installing a Side-By-Side Deep Well Pump System.

A StackedΒ Lift Pump System consists of a special pump head which sits atop the well, PVC drop pipe and rod that reaches approximately 20’ below static water level, and a structurally supported cylinder which connects to the electric submersible pump pipe. View Stacked Well Diagram.

Review the Stacked Deep Well Pump Basics section to learn the details of how this system functions.

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