Pressurizing Kit

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Bison Pumps offers a pressurizing system that allows a Bison Pump to pump water into a water line under pressure. Using this system, connected to the spout of your Bison Pump, you will be able to have Pressurized Back up Water!Β It can also be used to pump water uphill or to an overhead tank.

The kit has all items needed to pressurize tanks including a one-way check valve system that attaches to the hose bibb on the spout of a shallow or deep well pump head and pressure hose


Design and Construction

  • 3/4” Lead-free brass check valve
  • Lead-free brass swivel adapter (3/4” GHT female to 3/4” NPT male)
  • Lead-free brass adapter (3/4” GHT male to 3/4” NPT female)
  • Lead-free bleed off valve
  • Dial type pressure reading gauge in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)
  • Water potable pressure hose with swivel connections


  • Length: 8 in
  • Weight: 3 lbs


  • 1 – Check Valve with Pressure Gauge and Bleed Off Valve installed
  • 1 – 10-foot-long water potable pressure hose


  • The instructions for usage of the Pressurizing Kit are included in the Owner’s Manual of each Pump System.


This accessory works with these pumps: