Stainless Steel 1 1/4″ NPT Cylinder Silt Screen

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Bison Pumps Deep Well systems require a screen at the water intake to prevent debris from entering the cylinder and causing damage. If your water has silt at the inlet location, then your situation may require a finer filter device than the standard Cylinder Foot Valve Plastic Screen. Bison Pumps offers a Stainless Steel Silt Screen which is 60 mesh, over two feet long, and designed to keep sand and silt out. This screen can help maintain your Bison Pump System.


Design and Construction

  • 60 mesh Stainless Steel filter screen
  • Β Screen is over 26” long
  • Β Comes in 1 1/4” or 1” NPT


  • 1 – Threaded Stainless Steel 60 mesh Silt Screen


This accessory works with these pumps: