Standard Cylinders

All Bison Pumps Side-By-Side or Standalone Deep Well Pump Systems use the Standard Cylinders. These are the basic cylinders consisting of the cylinder body, end caps, filter and piston assembly.

They are defined by the body diameter (such as 3 inch) which determines the water output per stroke. When choosing a cylinder size, the available space in the well casing plus the static water level typically are the deciding factors.

The Standard Cylinder Selection Chart shows the recommended cylinder at various depths. Only the green zone is suggested for use.

Smaller cylinders than are recommended by the chart can be used to decrease the required effort on the handle or to accommodate less available space inside the well casing. Selecting a smaller cylinder than the chart recommends will reduce the water output per stroke which is another consideration. We do not recommend using cylinders that are larger than recommended which would be those outside the green zone due to the increased handle effort.

Bison Pumps offers four Standard Cylinder sizes: 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 3”.

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