Well Casing Liners

Well Casing Liners are typically PVC pipe inside a well casing. They usually are 4 inches in diameter and start anywhere from close to the top of the well casing to 20-30 feet below.

Well Casing Liner Diagram
Measuring the Well Casing Liner

If your well has a liner, it can impact the size of the cylinder to be selected depending on the electric submersible pump information if one exists. For wells with liners we consider the Outside Diameter of the well casing for the pump head well adapter design. But we must use the Inside Diameter of the liner for the cylinder/pipe design. Obstructions in the liner, since they are normally smaller in diameter, can impact the pump system design by perhaps downsizing the diameter of the cylinder. Instead of designing Side-By-Side or Standalone Deep Well Pump Systems, we may have to offer Stacked Deep Well Pump Systems. The pump head design is also impacted by where the liner starts. Our standard well adapters have the pump head body offset to allow the pipe/rod/cylinder to go down one side of the well. If the liner starts at the top of the well like the one in the photo, then we must use a center-mount well adapter.