Pitless Adapters

Pitless adapters are devices used inside well cases to divert the water output from an electric submersible pump pipe through the side of the well casing. Normally the pipe would exit the casing underground below the frost line to prevent the water from freezing.

For purposes of using a Bison Pump deep well pump system, the pitless adapter affects the amount of space inside the well casing available for the cylinder to pass by. Some states require pitless adapters whose style causes it to almost completely obstruct the well casing and thereby preventing a Bison Pumps deep well pump system from being installed.

There are cases where the pitless adapter can be temporarily removed while the Bison Pumps deep well pump system is installed. After installation the pitless adapter can be replaced. This assumes there remains sufficient space with the pitless adapter installed for the drop pipe and/or cylinder to pass by.

If you have a pitless adapter, you will need to measure the available space to let us know how to design your pump system. We may need to downsize the cylinder to accommodate the space available. See Well Casing Measuring for details on space requirements.

The wall mounted pitless adapter is the most common style and sits close to the inside wall of the well casing. The center mounted pitless adapter uses most of the inside of the casing and is not compatible with using any type of Bison Pumps Deep Well Pump System.

Wall Mounted Pitless Adapter
Center Mounted Pitless Adapter