Casing Obstructions

Bison Pumps deep well pump systems require an open well casing from the top of the well casing to 20 feet below the static water level. This is due to the pipe and rod that must be placed between the pump head on the surface and the cylinder that is under the water level.

There are many possible obstructions such as aΒ Well Casing Liners,Β Pump Cable GuardsΒ orΒ Torque Arrestors. If the well casing has Cable Guards and/or Torque Arrestors, they must be removed all the way down to 20 feet below the static water level where the cylinder will be placed.

Pump Cable Guard
Torque Arrestor

Well Casing Liner

If there is a liner in the well casing, then potential issues depend upon the diameter of the liner versus the pump system that is being installed. A well setup may call for a 3” cylinder based on the static water level. However, if a small diameter liner is also inside the casing, then both the cylinder and the electric pump pipe may not fit inside the liner. This could result in downsizing the cylinder to fit the liner or not being able to install the Bison Pumps system at all.

Also related to liners, where the liner starts is important. By this we mean at what point below the surface does the liner begin. If the liner begins deep enough it may not affect the pump installation.

All of these obstruction issues should be brought to the attention of the Bison sales person helping you to make sure you get the proper pump system.