We are spring cleaning our shelves and we have the following pumps we would like to see sold so we can make room for our big sellers. Therefore we are offering the following pumps at a discounted price. These are our shallow well hand pumps; but special! Yes, you can have a custom finish if you like.

The first pump is our Marine Edition made from 316 stainless steel. It was designed for locations near saltwater.

Original Price: $1,575.00

Discounted Price: $1,325.00

SAVE $250.00

Shallow Well Hand Pump - Marine Edition

This collection of  pumps are our standard shallow well hand pump but with a water transfer print design. These pumps are one of a kind! We have (1) pink camo, (1) military green camo, and (3) vista print camo.

Original Price: $1,425.00

Discounted Price: $1,125.00

SAVE $300.00

Get these great designs at the same price as our standard shallow well hand pump. Yes, they are stainless steel under that great design.

Shallow Well Hand Pump - Military Green Camo Design

We truly love innovation at Bison Pumps. When customers come to us with special requests, it gets our creative juices going. Recently, we had the opportunity to modify our new playground pump kit for the Boy Scouts of America, Mount Baker Council. They wanted their youth to be able to pump their Bison Pump and make water squirt from a fishes mouth out on the lake! They will have over 1,500 scouts soon who will get to enjoy the new creation; but word on the street is the adults are enjoying it just as much!

Thank you for sharing these pictures of your hand pump with us at Bison Pumps!

Bison Pumps Dealer Network Expands

We work with amazing professionals in our dealer network. In the past, most of our sales were sold directly to the end user. Homeowners often choose to install their Bison Pump themselves. But a new trend is growing and that is using the dealers in the Bison Pumps network.

Bison Pumps requires all of their dealers to be licensed as well drillers, pump installers or plumbers. This helps us ensure the customer is getting a professional to install their most recent asset. The process to become a dealer is quite simple and usually happens within 1-3 days. It doesn’t require any equipment to buy or stock and credit terms are available for qualified businesses.

We find most of our new dealers get started because of a customer inquiry about a Bison Pump. Next thing we know, pumps are flying out the door to our newest dealer!

We are excited when we get feedback from our dealers about their experiences with their customers. This picture is Travis from Petersham Pump in Massachusetts. Recently he installed a Bison Pump for a customer and his comment “another happy customer” was exactly what we like to hear.

Currently, Bison Pumps has 168 dealers across the United States and Canada… and Bermuda!

If you are a Bison Pump dealer, we would love to hear from you! Send pics too… we love them! We will fill up the dealer page with your installations.

Bison Pumps will no longer stock water transfer print pumps. These are Bison Pumps with a unique design to reflect the preference of the owner or to camouflage the hand pump.

Yes, our standard hand polished finish is available. Custom finishes are still available as well.

We have (3) of these pumps left. All of them fit a standard 6″ well casing.

  • Pump #1 – 6″ Deep Well Hand Pump with Water Transfer Print Handle (looks like real wood) –
    Original Retail Price: $1,095.00 Discount Price: $935.00
  • Pump #2 – 6″ Deep Well Hand Pump with full camouflage
    Original Retail Price: $1,165.00 Discount Price: $959.00
  • Pump #3 – 6″ Deep Well Hand Pump with Tamper Proof Hardware – raindrop design and water transfer print handle (looks like real wood)
    Original Retail Price: $1,199.00 Discount Price: $995.00

Plato was spot-on when he said, “necessity…is the mother of invention”, because necessity was the reason for the invention of the Bison Hand Pump. The Great Ice Storm of ’98 hastened the need to build the Bison Hand Pump. Approximately 700,000 of the 1.2 million people in Maine were without power; thousands for more than 3 weeks. People from all over were calling Harbison’s Plumbing and Heating needing a pump to get water from their well to their house and so the Bison Pump was born.

Over the years of giving people access to their well water, we noted the primary motivator was weather-related power outages. Now we hear from them, “the weather is getting worse or storms are more frequent”. We wonder, “Is this true?” It would appear so on the surface when not so distant in our memory is Winter Storm Nemo (February 2013; 645,000 residents without power) and Hurricane Sandy (October 2012; 8.1 million residents without power). So we dug a little deeper and our research netted some interesting results.

Regardless of the validity of earlier data, we must still acknowledge weather-related events are occurring at an average rate of 10 per year. This data does not include windy days or man-made disturbances. It is no wonder people are calling Bison Pumps every day. A Bison Pump is peace of mind in a turbulent world. Order your Bison Pump today!

Many of our customers intend to use their Bison Hand Pump when pressurizing water tanks. If this is an option you would like to consider, Bison now offers a check valve (P/N BPN-330C). This check valve will screw to the outlet of your Bison hand pump and will prevent back pressure onto your hand pump while pressurizing a storage tank and make pumping easier. This check valve only needs to be used when pressurizing a storage tank.

Please do not try to pressurize your water tank without the use of a check valve as this causes back pressure within your Bison Pump and may cause internal damage.

The standard setup for using a Bison check valve would be to attach the check valve to the outlet of your Bison Hand Pump and then attach a regular garden hose to the check valve. Attach the garden hose to your water tank.

Please call Bison Pumps for more details Bison Pumps Retail Price Sheet.

You will appreciate the ease of pressurizing water tanks with this check valve!
Order yours today!