If you have well water, then you know it’s up to you as the homeowner to maintain your well water system. If there is build up around your faucets, there could also be build up around the internal workings of your Bison Pump. This build up could lead to potential failure and leave you without fresh water.

Here are 5 routine maintenance tips to ensure your well water system, along with your Bison Pump, stays in optimal working order.

  1. Test your well water annually.
  2. Get your well water system inspected each year.
  3. Evaluate your water softener.
  4. Prevent hard water stains.
  5. Keep your well water tasting and smelling fresh.

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We recently assisted a customer in the Northwest who was wanting more reliable access to his groundwater. He had a submersible pump currently in the well but had decided to pull it up. Because he had a relatively small casing at a 4-inch diameter, this allowed the Bison Pump to be installed. Normally the Bison Pump can be installed alongside a submersible pump. But with a 4-inch casing there usually is not enough room for both pumps.

Joe had a high static water level of 23 feet (distance from the top of the water to the top of the casing), which could have allowed for a shallow well pump. However, it had been a dry season, and he was afraid of the well drying up, so we went with the deep well option. We provided enough pipe and rod to go about 20’ below his static water level, which would protect against fluctuations in the water level.

After getting the submersible pulled, Joe sent us these photos of his casing. You can see the top has dips and is not level. In order to create an airtight seal with the gasket, the casing should have a level edge. Joe was able to get the pump installer to grind the top and make it even.

One last question before the installation: Do I have to remove the pump to shock the well? Answer: No! You can see in the photo below, the white plastic cap? Simply remove this cap when ready to shock the well.
Joe needed it to arrive on a particular date, since he was going to be out of town. We were able to oblige him. He had the pump installed almost as soon as he got it. The pump installer mentioned he was impressed with the high-quality craftsmanship of the Bison Pump. We were thrilled to receive this photo of the completed project:

Joe is ready for the winter! Are YOU? Call or email us today to learn about installing a Bison Hand Pump on your groundwater well.

An emergency backup deep well hand pump for your well water is a big purchase and therefore a big decision. Make sure you get all the facts and have a clear understanding for the product and its application. Ready to do your research? Give us a call at 1-800-339-2601 to speak with an expert.

Bison Pumps are proud to be the industry leader in Stainless Steel water well Hand Pumps. Recently, a customer reached out to us for more information. They had a quote from a competitor and wanted to know the difference between Bison Pumps and the other guys:

“My husband and I are comparing Bison’s pumps with another pump company. Would it be possible to help us by pointing out the differences between the two? We do not have much knowledge of pumps and would love to have an expert opinion on their differences to help us make an educated decision.”

When comparing Bison with other pumps, there a few key details to consider. For one, what size cylinder have you been quoted? Some providers only tell you how many gpm you can expect. We offer a 3”, 2 ½”, 2” and 1 ½” cylinder. The bigger the cylinder, the more water per stroke you will get. Another crucial detail: some competitors’ lift rod is fiberglass. Bison would never put fiberglass in your potable water! Our lift rods are 304 stainless steel.  You might also notice the other guys quote you Teflon tape to thread the drop pipe. Our drop pipes just screw together—simpler AND safer. Other pumps might offer a 5 year warranty, but Bison Pumps offer a Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship. Last, but not least, we offer you great customer service – we don’t mind if you call us.  That’s what we are here for!!

Ready to get started on your Bison Pump project? Call us today at 1-800-339-2601 or contact us online. View our list of pumps used for emergency backup.

We recently heard from a customer who had installed a Bison Pump on their property over a year ago. Being a large property, they planned a camping trip there over the weekend. They checked on their Bison Pump the minute they got there. To their delight, the Bison Hand water Pump was standing tall and working as well as it had on installation day!

Being experienced campers, they had roughed it before without a water source. But this time–having water regularly available—made it so much more convenient!

“It’s so beautiful and well crafted,” the customer said, echoing their buyer’s reaffirmation that they chose Bison Pumps.

“Even the well driller said he enjoyed installing it!” the customer laughed. “It was so easy.”

Bison Pumps, with their Stainless-Steel construction and Lifetime Warranty, are designed to withstand harsh winters and rough conditions. Installation can be done professionally, or with a couple helping hands! If you’re ready to add a reliable water source to your property, call us today: 1-800-339-2601.View our best-selling Bison Deep Well Hand Pump, which installs alongside your electric submersible pump.

Bison Pumps is regularly expanding its regional reach by partnering with well drillers across the country. If you’re interested in getting a Bison Pump, but need a well drilled or want help getting it installed, check out our Dealer Locator.

Just input your address, city, state/providence or zip code, and it will pull a list of dealers near you!

Today we are excited to announce a new dealer: Yoder Drilling & Geothermal located in Ohio. Their main service areas include: Holmes, Coshocton, Guernsey, Muskingum, Tuscarawas and Wayne Counties.

Yoder Drilling has over 50 years of experience in drilling water wells. Yoder will work with your plumber to help install the pump and plumbing for your new well.

If you’re in the Ohio area and looking for a well driller or Bison hand water Pump installer, check out Yoder Drilling. Learn more about Yoder Drilling & Geothermal.

Interested in joining the Bison Pumps team too? Give us a call today! 1-800-339-2601

Who knew hand pumps could be so complicated?! Here, we address some questions we get frequently. As always, you can speak with a knowledgeable sales representative by calling 1-800-339-2601.

Why can’t I use the Inline Pump System?

The Inline Pump is only for special well setups. Unless the casing is small (less than 6 inch diameter), the pumps can be installed side-by-side and function independent of each other.

Can I pump directly into my 200 gallon pressure tank?

YES! All Bison Pumps are pressure pumps, which means they are a closed system and can be used to pressurize a tank. Bison Pumps sells check valves and pressurizing kits for this purpose.

Can this pump handle freezing weather? Will I have to uninstall the pump during cold weather?

With the Deep Well model, you can prevent freezing and use outdoors year round. Prior to installing the last piece of pipe and rod, drill an 1/8″ weep hole in the pipe just below where the frost line is for your area. This will allow the water to seep back to that point, yet maintain the prime due to the check valve in the cylinder. Please note, you cannot do this with the Inline Pump.

Do I have to drill a hole in my well cap? If so, what size does the hole have to be? Where should the hole be in relation to the bump on the Well cap?

The well adapter on the Bison Pump head will replace the existing well cap. There is an opening for your wires to exit the top of the casing. We also offer Conduit Els to carry your wiring to your existing electrical connection if you need that. If the pipes from your electric pump exit the top of your casing, we have a well adapter for that configuration too.

What’s included in the total price?

Bison Pumps are designed for a lifetime of use and therefore come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. They are constructed from high quality stainless steel including the lift rods. The pump head is a one piece design and all the parts are welded and hand polished. Bison Pumps are self-priming and don’t require any routine maintenance. And your quote covers everything needed to install your Bison Pump, including safety rope, installation paddle (to hold PVC) and rod retrieval tool.

Why is Static water level required just to provide a quote?

If your static water level is quite deep, we suggest checking that measurement, as it affects the size of cylinder we recommend as well as the amount of pipe that is needed.

The best way to check your static water level is to simply drop a weighted string into the well casing until you see or hear it splash the surface of the water. You could also use a weighted string with a float, so that you can feel the line go slack. Mark the string where it lays on top of the well casing. Then measure that distance.

While you have the cover off, measure the inside and outside diameter of the well casing. If you have a submersible pump, you should also check to see what will slide past the pitless adapter. You can do this with a length of 3”, 2”, 2 ½” or 1 ½” PVC pipe. This will help us determine the largest cylinder size possible for your application.

If any of these measurements are different than we thought, we can make adjustments to your quote.

We recently received a call from a customer who purchased a Bison hand pump well 10 years ago. He was performing some maintenance on his electric pump and wanted to know if he should do anything to the Bison Pump while it was out of the well. We recommended that he take the opportunity to wipe down the cylinder, check the seals and make sure everything is in good working order.

Joe shared that he really enjoys the pump. Any time he has visitors over, they are fascinated by it! It’s quite the conversation piece.

As a pastor, Joe hosted some African missionary friends at his home. They thought the Bison deep well hand Pump was the greatest thing!

It’s also a big hit with the grandkids, who just love pumping water from it.

Thanks for the update, Joe! We love hearing from past customers. If you’re in the market for a back-up water source, give Bison Pumps a call today at 1-800-339-2601.

You may have seen this product review on our Facebook Page :

“Our 10 yr old Bison Shallow Well hand water pump started to show some signs of unhappiness a few weeks ago. The suspected culprit is a certain 8yr old with a habit of impatience when drawing water…… Anyway, the pump died. A call to Bison and Judy took over, listened and sent me on to Lee! Lee with his MAINE accent, on a cell phone, me with a cell phone in a sketchy coverage area…. He was careful and really good at helping me get the pump disassembled, diagnosed and Judy took on the shipping and very quick turn around of our now refurbished pump! I head out off-grid tomorrow and look forward to having our water back! Watch out Lee, I just might need a little more help.”

Well here’s the photos!

And another note from the customer:

“You did a wonderfully quick and successful job fixing our pump – thank you! I thought you might enjoy seeing it in its home where we use it as our main and only water supply. We get our water directly from the lake by our camp. Heaven!”

Heaven indeed! What a peaceful, beautiful cabin for their family to spend the summer. Bison’s Model 1900 Shallow Well Pump  is perfect for the kitchen. With a sleek design and hand-polished finish, the pump is great for a kitchen-sink installation. Call us today to get a quote! 1-800-339-2601

Some places make outrageous claims and then can’t deliver when the time comes. At Bison Pumps, we say what we mean and we mean what we say. So when we promise a “Lifetime Warranty,” we mean for LIFE!

Check out this review from a customer who was having a little trouble:

“Our 10 yr old Bison Shallow Well pump started to show some signs of unhappiness a few weeks ago. The suspected culprit is a certain 8yr old with a habit of impatience when drawing water…… Anyway, the pump died. A call to Bison and Judy took over, listened and sent me on to Lee! Lee with his MAINE accent, on a cell phone, me with a cell phone in a sketchy coverage area…. He was careful and really good at helping me get the pump disassembled, diagnosed and Judy took on the shipping and very quick turn around of our now refurbished pump! I head out off-grid tomorrow and look forward to having our water back! Watch out Lee, I just might need a little more help”

Our top priority is a happy customer. We understand things happen. The good news is that Bison has knowledgeable, courteous people ready to help. Invest in a Bison and Put the Power of Water in Your Hands.

The Bison Deep Well Hand Pump, with it’s hand-polished finish and Stainless Steel welded construction, is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Hand pumps have never before been made to such a high level of quality and beauty. The elegance of the Bison Pump is one of many reasons well owners decide to install a hand pump on their groundwater well. Most people, when seeing the pump for the first time, note that the pump is even more impressive in person and that photos cannot do it justice!

With the aesthetic in mind, many customers request ideas or suggestions for landscaping around their new Bison Hand Pump. While Bison is not in the landscaping business, we DO get photos from customers showing off their final project.
Here’s the top three Beautiful Bison Pump ideas we’ve received thus far. Hopefully they will inspire you too!

#3: Stone Decorations

As seen here, a lot of folks use pebbles or stones to decorate around the pump. This is pretty AND practical. When pumping the water, it may splash out of your bucket. Rather than creating a mudhole around your pump, the pebbles help absorb and disperse the water.

#2: Build a Planter Around Your Pump

As seen here, this customer got very creative and built a planter around the Bison Pump. The pump is in the middle and the soil and wooden sides cover up the casing. She then added flowers around the pump. This is a unique idea! I especially like the water hose connection shown here. Need to water your garden? No problem! The Bison’s spout is threaded for a garden hose connection!

#1: Partner the Pump with a Pool of Water

This is hands-down the best way to decorate around your Bison Pump: complete the water feature by providing a pool or trough to catch the flowing water. The pool is a perfect compliment to the sleek design of the Bison Pump. In this photo, you’ll notice the pump has an elongated spout. This is a custom feature that Bison Pumps is happy to provide, upon request.

The Bison Deep Well Hand Pump I have an old bored well on my property, but the windmill and pump are long gone. How can I pull water from the well without grid power?

Bison deep well hand pumps, made in a rural Maine shop (, are electricity-free options for drawing water that’s more than 25 feet and less than 300 feet below the Earth’s surface. I just installed one at my place, and I’m impressed with the pump itself, the completeness of the kit, and the overall workmanship — the welds are beautiful! I’ve never seen nicer welds or a more impressive choice of fittings and hardware than those on the pump body and the handle unit that sits on top of the well. The pipes and cylinder that let the pump draw water from such depths are carefully engineered and packaged.

Even the fittings come with Teflon tape already applied to the threads for leakproof connections. Every deep well hand pump has three main parts: the hand-operated mechanism at the top of the well, the pumping cylinder that pushes water up from below, and a run of rigid pipe and rod that connect the two. While it could’ve been tricky to assemble the rigid pipe and pump cylinder while lowering them both into the well, the special tools that came with the Bison pump made it easy. The $1,800 price tag for a typical Bison deep well hand pump may be high, but it does deliver the peace of mind that only reliable, electricity-free access to drinking water can provide.

While the answer to this question is still evolving, the current answer may go something like this:

There are many filter options for water treatment. One of the best we’ve found and recommended to customers is the Berkie Water Filter. It is a stainless steel canister that you pour water into at the top. The water drains out a spout valve at the bottom. It IS expensive, though, around a couple hundred dollars.

If you want a filter that will screw onto the spout of your Bison hand water Pump, you could use an RV-style water filter. After one year of use, toss it and install a new one. They are much less expensive, probably around the $20 range. The only problem with a filter on the spout is that it applies back pressure on the packing gland. The pressure gets worse as the filter gets dirty.

As this is a recurring question, the team at Bison is researching the best methods and ways to incorporate the filters into our pumps. We’re open to suggestions! Give us a call at 1-800-339-2601 or email [email protected].