The Bison Hand Pump: A Stormy Beginning – How Weather-Related Power Outages Affect You

Plato was spot-on when he said, “necessity…is the mother of invention”, because necessity was the reason for the invention of the Bison Hand Pump. The Great Ice Storm of ’98 hastened the need to build the Bison Hand Pump. Approximately 700,000 of the 1.2 million people in Maine were without power; thousands for more than 3 weeks. People from all over were calling Harbison’s Plumbing and Heating needing a pump to get water from their well to their house and so the Bison Pump was born.

Over the years of giving people access to their well water, we noted the primary motivator was weather-related power outages. Now we hear from them, “the weather is getting worse or storms are more frequent”. We wonder, “Is this true?” It would appear so on the surface when not so distant in our memory is Winter Storm Nemo (February 2013; 645,000 residents without power) and Hurricane Sandy (October 2012; 8.1 million residents without power). So we dug a little deeper and our research netted some interesting results.

Regardless of the validity of earlier data, we must still acknowledge weather-related events are occurring at an average rate of 10 per year. This data does not include windy days or man-made disturbances. It is no wonder people are calling Bison Pumps every day. A Bison Pump is peace of mind in a turbulent world. Order your Bison Pump today!