Pressurizing Water Tanks with a Bison Hand Pump is Easy with Our New Check Valve

Many of our customers intend to use their Bison Hand Pump when pressurizing water tanks. If this is an option you would like to consider, Bison now offers a check valve (P/N BPN-330C). This check valve will screw to the outlet of your Bison hand pump and will prevent back pressure onto your hand pump while pressurizing a storage tank and make pumping easier. This check valve only needs to be used when pressurizing a storage tank.

Please do not try to pressurize your water tank without the use of a check valve as this causes back pressure within your Bison Pump and may cause internal damage.

The standard setup for using a Bison check valve would be to attach the check valve to the outlet of your Bison Hand Pump and then attach a regular garden hose to the check valve. Attach the garden hose to your water tank.

Please call Bison Pumps for more details Bison Pumps Retail Price Sheet.

You will appreciate the ease of pressurizing water tanks with this check valve!
Order yours today!