Well Recovery Rate

The Well Recovery Rate is the amount of time that is required to replace water removed from the well. This becomes important if the recovery rate is too slow to replenish the well at the same or faster rate than the pump can remove it.

When the recovery rate is low we will ask you where the electric submersible pump is placed. The only reason we need to know this is if there isn’t a lot of depth between the static water level and the pump. You will want to make sure there is about 10 feet between the Bison Pumps cylinder and the electric submersible pump. If you have a very slow recovery rate, then a hand pump which delivers 5 gallons per minute may drain the well below the cylinder water input. At that point the pump system ceases to function until the water is replenished.

If there is sufficient space, additional drop pipe can be added to the bottom of the cylinder to extend the draw capability into deeper water. Since the cylinder is basically a suction pump, it can draw water from approximately 25 feet below, or about three sections of pipe. Additionally, the cylinder itself could be placed lower in the well with the addition of more pipe and rod.

A normal home requires a recovery rate of about 5 gallons per minute.