Jet Pumps

Jet Pumps are electric pumps that are placed above ground and draw water by creating a vacuum. These pumps are typically defined by shallow well (static water level less than 25 feet) and deep well (greater than 25 feet).

The pumps can be mounted directly onto the well casing (shown below). When this is the case a Bison Pump can only be installed if a Shallow Well pump can be used. Otherwise, a deep well system cannot be used when the Jet pump is mounted onto the well casing.

Jet Pump Mounted on Well Casing
Jet Pump Mounted on Ground

Jet pumps are also mounted on the ground next to the well casing (shown above). Pipe(s) will run from the jet pump to the well casing.

A shallow well Jet Pump has one pipe going into the well. With the Bison PumpsΒ Model 1900 Stainless Steel Pitcher PumpΒ we are able to connect to the water line and use the Bison pump as a back-up.

A two pipe Jet Pump indicates a deep well application. In this case the jet assembly is placed in the water about 20 feet below the static water level. The second pipe coming from the impeller above ground drives water down the pipe and into the jet body. A second pipe is connected to the output and brings water to the surface. Bison Pumps’ deep well systems can operate in the same well casing as the two pipe Jet Pump provided the well casing is large enough. There is less room than normal for the Bison cylinder to pass by the jet system located in the well casing.