Electrical Wires from Submersible Pump

If your well has an electric submersible pump installed then there are wires coming from the surface going down to the electric pump. The wires usually enter the well one of two ways: 1) through the well cap on the top of the casing or 2) through the side of the well casing.

Wires Entering Through Top of Well Cap
Well Entering Through Side of Well Casing

Top – Wires coming out the top will pass through the dedicated wire access hole in the Bison Pumps well pump adapter that is welded to the pump body. Once through the top, the wires are typically carried to their destination through conduit. Bison Pumps offers aΒ Conduit El – Top MountΒ that attaches directly to the access hole.

Side – Not all states or locales allow it, but for those that do the homeowner can drill a hole through the side of the well casing. The electrical wires can be fed through this hole for access to power. Bison Pumps offers aΒ Conduit El – Side MountΒ for these situations.