Artesian Well

Artesian wells are wells where the pressure around the water system is high enough to force the water to the surface. When the pressure is high enough, the water will actually flow out of the well. This is called a Flowing Artesian Well. In order to use a Bison pump on these wells you would first need to lower the water level below the frost line. This will allow the β€œfrost proof” system to work properly. One method to divert the excess water away from the well is by installing a pitless adapter inside the well casing just below the frost line. An outgoing pipe (such as poly or pvc) is then attached to the pitless adapter outside connection. The last step involves running the discharge piping out to a drain point. View Artesian Well Diagram.

Once this is completed you can approach the artesian well in the same manner as a normal well for purposes of installing a Bison Pumps deep well pump system.