Pressurizing System

All Bison Pumps can pressurize tanks and/or pump water uphill or to an overhead tank. This is how a Bison Pump system provides you with Pressurized Back up Water! They are able to do this due to two features on the pump head.

First, a cup seal surrounds the lift rod and is compressed by the tightening of the gland nut, creating a watertight seal against the water pressure generated by pumping water through the pump head. The second feature is the standard hose bibb connection on the end of the spout. With this connection, we are able to install the Bison Pump Check Valve with Gauge and Bleed Off Valve onto the hose bibb. This establishes a one-way water flow.

The Check Valve prevents water from flowing back into the pump head once the water is under pressure. This allows the pump system to push water through the Check Valve and into a water line under pressure. The Gauge lets you see the pressure level in the pressure tank to know when it is full. Do not exceed manufacturer’s recommended pressure (PSI – typically 40-60 range). The Bleed-Off Valve is used to relieve pressure in the water line so the system can be disconnected.

Bison Pumps offers a high-pressure hose to use in this application. When water is compressed into a standard water hose the hose will expand under pressure. This increases the amount of effort required to pressurize the tank or pump uphill to a tank. Some hoses may not be able to absorb the pressure created during this process.

Model 1900 Pitcher Pump with Pressurizing System

Pressurizing can be done by either the Deep Well Pump Systems or the Model 1900 Shallow Well Pump. Typically, when the Model 1900 pump is used it is in close proximity to the well system and the pressure tank. It can be connected directly to the tank. View our Model 1900 Pressurizing Diagram to see how to connect it to the tank system.

When using a Deep Well Pump System to pressurize, the well is normally outside, away from the well tank system. There are multiple ways to connect the Bison Pump Head to the pressure tank. The preferred method is having a water hydrant that is installed near the well to connect the pressure hose to the check valve system. View our Standard Deep Well Pressurizing Diagram to see this installation.

Bison Pumps offers these items in kits or separately.

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