Landscaping Ideas for Your Bison Deep Well Hand Pump

The Bison Deep Well Hand Pump, with it’s hand-polished finish and Stainless Steel welded construction, is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Hand pumps have never before been made to such a high level of quality and beauty. The elegance of the Bison Pump is one of many reasons well owners decide to install a hand pump on their groundwater well. Most people, when seeing the pump for the first time, note that the pump is even more impressive in person and that photos cannot do it justice!

With the aesthetic in mind, many customers request ideas or suggestions for landscaping around their new Bison Hand Pump. While Bison is not in the landscaping business, we DO get photos from customers showing off their final project.
Here’s the top three Beautiful Bison Pump ideas we’ve received thus far. Hopefully they will inspire you too!

#3: Stone Decorations

As seen here, a lot of folks use pebbles or stones to decorate around the pump. This is pretty AND practical. When pumping the water, it may splash out of your bucket. Rather than creating a mudhole around your pump, the pebbles help absorb and disperse the water.

#2: Build a Planter Around Your Pump

As seen here, this customer got very creative and built a planter around the Bison Pump. The pump is in the middle and the soil and wooden sides cover up the casing. She then added flowers around the pump. This is a unique idea! I especially like the water hose connection shown here. Need to water your garden? No problem! The Bison’s spout is threaded for a garden hose connection!

#1: Partner the Pump with a Pool of Water

This is hands-down the best way to decorate around your Bison Pump: complete the water feature by providing a pool or trough to catch the flowing water. The pool is a perfect compliment to the sleek design of the Bison Pump. In this photo, you’ll notice the pump has an elongated spout. This is a custom feature that Bison Pumps is happy to provide, upon request.