Bison Takes “Lifetime Warranty” Seriously

Some places make outrageous claims and then can’t deliver when the time comes. At Bison Pumps, we say what we mean and we mean what we say. So when we promise a “Lifetime Warranty,” we mean for LIFE!

Check out this review from a customer who was having a little trouble:

“Our 10 yr old Bison Shallow Well pump started to show some signs of unhappiness a few weeks ago. The suspected culprit is a certain 8yr old with a habit of impatience when drawing water…… Anyway, the pump died. A call to Bison and Judy took over, listened and sent me on to Lee! Lee with his MAINE accent, on a cell phone, me with a cell phone in a sketchy coverage area…. He was careful and really good at helping me get the pump disassembled, diagnosed and Judy took on the shipping and very quick turn around of our now refurbished pump! I head out off-grid tomorrow and look forward to having our water back! Watch out Lee, I just might need a little more help”

Our top priority is a happy customer. We understand things happen. The good news is that Bison has knowledgeable, courteous people ready to help. Invest in a Bison and Put the Power of Water in Your Hands.