Customized Submersible Connection

When one of our dealers, Sippel Well Drilling, came across a special case, Bison Pumps was ready to help. Sippel’s customer had an 8” well casing. (Usually, Bison’s Deep Well Pumps are for 6-inch casings.) 8” casings are more of a custom order, but nothing too difficult.

The trick was that the customer needed a pump for an 8” casing with a 2” submersible connection. Generally, our submersible connection faces right on our pump with a 90-degree elbow. But the customer asked for a submersible connection facing LEFT and for a tee instead of an elbow.

Our engineer went to work make a new design. Above you can see the fruit of his labor. The customer approved the new design and was happy to have their problem solved!