Bison Pump Saved the Day When the Water Line Froze

Last week, a gentleman in Northern Maine contacted us. He had recently moved into a new home in rural Maine. This being his first winter in the new house, he was surprised to learn that the water lines were not buried far enough below the freeze line. Therefore, when winter set in, the water lines froze up! He was in a real pickle. In such a remote area, he had no other access to water. He found himself melting snow on the stove to use for drinking water.

In a pinch, he found Bison Pumps. He called, placed the order, and the pump was shipped to him that day. Now that he has a Bison Hand Water Pump installed on his well, he will never have to worry about a water supply crisis like that again. The Bison Pump is made of Stainless Steel, preventing corrosion from the outdoor elements. A 1/8th of an inch weep hole is drilled into the PVC drop pipe at a level BELOW the freeze line for your area. This allows the water to drain below the freeze line so that the pump is freezeproof. The weep hole is small enough that it does not affect the output of the water while you’re hand-pumping.

The Bison is great for emergencies, because it can be installed alongside (or even in-line with) your submersible pump. So when the power goes out—or the water lines freeze—you can still easily access the water via your hand pump.

If you live in a rural area, what are you waiting for? Don’t get caught melting snow on the stove. Be prepared and get a Bison Pump today.

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