High-Quality Craftsmanship

We recently assisted a customer in the Northwest who was wanting more reliable access to his groundwater. He had a submersible pump currently in the well but had decided to pull it up. Because he had a relatively small casing at a 4-inch diameter, this allowed the Bison Pump to be installed. Normally the Bison Pump can be installed alongside a submersible pump. But with a 4-inch casing there usually is not enough room for both pumps.

Joe had a high static water level of 23 feet (distance from the top of the water to the top of the casing), which could have allowed for a shallow well pump. However, it had been a dry season, and he was afraid of the well drying up, so we went with the deep well option. We provided enough pipe and rod to go about 20’ below his static water level, which would protect against fluctuations in the water level.

After getting the submersible pulled, Joe sent us these photos of his casing. You can see the top has dips and is not level. In order to create an airtight seal with the gasket, the casing should have a level edge. Joe was able to get the pump installer to grind the top and make it even.

One last question before the installation: Do I have to remove the pump to shock the well? Answer: No! You can see in the photo below, the white plastic cap? Simply remove this cap when ready to shock the well.
Joe needed it to arrive on a particular date, since he was going to be out of town. We were able to oblige him. He had the pump installed almost as soon as he got it. The pump installer mentioned he was impressed with the high-quality craftsmanship of the Bison Pump. We were thrilled to receive this photo of the completed project:

Joe is ready for the winter! Are YOU? Call or email us today to learn about installing a Bison Hand Pump on your groundwater well.