Filter on the Spout

While the answer to this question is still evolving, the current answer may go something like this:

There are many filter options for water treatment. One of the best we’ve found and recommended to customers is the Berkie Water Filter. It is a stainless steel canister that you pour water into at the top. The water drains out a spout valve at the bottom. It IS expensive, though, around a couple hundred dollars.

If you want a filter that will screw onto the spout of your Bison hand water Pump, you could use an RV-style water filter. After one year of use, toss it and install a new one. They are much less expensive, probably around the $20 range. The only problem with a filter on the spout is that it applies back pressure on the packing gland. The pressure gets worse as the filter gets dirty.

As this is a recurring question, the team at Bison is researching the best methods and ways to incorporate the filters into our pumps. We’re open to suggestions! Give us a call at 1-800-339-2601 or email [email protected].