Bison Pumps Brings “Joy” to Campsite

We recently heard from a customer who had installed a Bison Pump on their property over a year ago. Being a large property, they planned a camping trip there over the weekend. They checked on their Bison Pump the minute they got there. To their delight, the Bison Hand water Pump was standing tall and working as well as it had on installation day!

Being experienced campers, they had roughed it before without a water source. But this time–having water regularly available—made it so much more convenient!

“It’s so beautiful and well crafted,” the customer said, echoing their buyer’s reaffirmation that they chose Bison Pumps.

“Even the well driller said he enjoyed installing it!” the customer laughed. “It was so easy.”

Bison Pumps, with their Stainless-Steel construction and Lifetime Warranty, are designed to withstand harsh winters and rough conditions. Installation can be done professionally, or with a couple helping hands! If you’re ready to add a reliable water source to your property, call us today: 1-800-339-2601.View our best-selling Bison Deep Well Hand Pump, which installs alongside your electric submersible pump.