Bison Pump and the “Most Resilient House in North America”

We are excited to see our name mentioned in the most recent article by The Resilient Design Institute. In it, they outlined the features and added measures taken to design and build the most resilient home in North America. The catalyst for the building of the home was a fire which destroyed the current home in 2012, the memory of a major flood in the region, and the Ice Storm of ’98. It’s karma the same Ice Storm that led to the development of the Bison Hand Pump is the same storm leading to the building of this resilient home.

The RDI defines resilience as β€œthe capacity to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or regain functionality and vitality in the face of stress or disturbance. It is the capacity to bounce back after a disturbance or interruption of some sort. At various levels β€”individuals, households, communities, and regions β€” through resilience we can maintain livable conditions in the event of natural disasters, loss of power, or other interruptions in normally available services.”

Having a Bison Hand Pump does lend itself to the resilience of a home or a community. Regardless of the catastrophe or reason for a power outage, the Bison Pump allows for the retrieval of fresh well water without the need for electricity or fuel to power a generator. Just good old-fashioned human power is necessary to provide water to a home or a community.

Bison has a diverse line of hand pumps available to make your home resilient. If you have a shallow well (a static water level less than 25 vertical feet), then you can install your Bison Pump in your home connected to the piping from your well. If not, our deep well hand pump with its contaminant-free well adapter fits snugly and securely to your well casing. If these were not enough, we even developed the Bison Commercial Hand Pump for communities or people or homes with many animals which need water. This pump provides 12 gallons per minute and is smooth and easy to operate and heavy-duty so it will last for generations.

I think it is great the RDI considers Bison Pump the hand pump to be considered to make a home resilient. We think so too.