What Other Blogs and Websites Say About the Bison Pump

  • On April 11, 2017
  • Bison, Clydes Well Service, hand pump

It is time to set the record straight on some of the comments in blogs or from other hand pump websites. Here are some things being said:

“Bison cannot pressurize a tank.”

Nothing is further from the truth. All of Bison’s pumps can pressurize a tank. We factory tsted our pump and cylinder to 250 psi (for test purposes only). Every spout can accommodate a check valve to make this task easier. For the record, our pumps have always had this capability. As you can see by the pictures below, the picture on the left is the Bison One-Piece Shallow Well Hand Pump and the picture on the right is the Bison Deep Well Inline Hand Pump.


“Bison Pumps “pump harder” and cannot reach as deep as other pumps.”

It is simple physics… deep well hand pumps LIFT water. The deeper you go and the larger diameter the cylinder, the heavier the water will be.

Bison Pumps sells (4) cylinder sizes (1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, and 3”) in addition to (3) pipe sizes (3/4”, 1”, and 1 ¼”). We can make pumping your water as easy as you wish always using our 36” handle for a longer stroke. At Bison, you can have easy pumping AND greater volume.

“Bison cannot go in small casings”

Bison Pumps has small cylinders and pipe like the competition. In addition, Bison has the inline deep well hand pump for climates where freezing is not an issue. Your submersible and its piping are installed at the base of our cylinder.

“Bison cannot go on a well casing with pipes coming out the top”

Bison Pumps has well adaptors which can accommodate pipe from jet pumps and submersibles, as well as wires out the top of the casing.

“Bison is more expensive.”

There are many differences between a Bison Pump and our competition you need to consider:

  • All of the components of the Bison pump, pipe, rod and cylinder are made from NSF and FDA approved materials for potable water. Other manufacturer’s rod is made from fiberglass; only the stainless steel rod ends are approved for potable water, the fiberglass rod is not. Our rods have a tensile strength of 73,200 lbs. vs. fiberglass 20,000 lbs.
  • Contaminant-free seal on all hand pumps.
  • Bison has a standard 36” handle on all deep well hand pumps.
  • Bison Pumps have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Bison offers complete customization for your unique well requirements.
  • For shallow wells, Bison offers the only stainless steel shallow well hand pump which can be installed inside the home or with a quick disconnect mount.

“No hand pump can pump more than 4-5 gallons per minute”

Bison Pumps has the commercial pump which yields 12 gallons per minute! This is a great pump for use with livestock, daily use living off the grid, or for communal use. As a bonus because of its design, it is effortless to pump at depths of 300 feet or less.

Bison Pumps is the expert in hand pump manufacturing. We believe you get what you pay for and with a Bison you get a quality product that will last a lifetime; built in-house by skilled craftsman who believe the “power of water should be in your hands”.







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