Open Channel Flow

  • On April 7, 2017


Commissioned by the the Houston Arts Alliance for the City of Houston Sabine Water Pump Station. Project Management and Digital Fabrication: Metalab, Houston, TX

“The sixty-foot tall structure of 12- 8- and 4-inch steel pipes with amber and blue beacons on top stands inside the restricted grounds of the Sabine Water Pump Station. It is a much bigger, slightly more elaborate version of other pipe structures located on the Pump Station grounds. One pipe, like the branch of a large tree, leaves the Pump Station property, passes over the Pump Station fence and ends with a showerhead twenty-five feet overhead in Buffalo Bayou Park.

On the ground below the showerhead is an eight-foot diameter stainless steel drain cover and a contemporary version of an old-fashioned manual well pump. As one pushes down on the pump handle water rains down from the shower head twenty-five feet above. Simultaneously, and as a result of pumping water through the pipes, orange and blue twin beacons on top of the structure flash, signaling people as far away as downtown that another person has doused themselves with a refreshing, albeit brief, shower.”