“I Appreciate the Bison Pump Setup”

  • On April 7, 2017

washburn small shallow pump

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Bison Pump setup recently installed at our home.

Many people install generators to provide emergency power, but I did not want to go that route for the following reasons:

– Gasoline must be changed or used up from time to time and is getting expensive. An area must be provided that protects from fumes and noise. Hooking into the electrical system requires an electrician and special wiring to keep within code.

I have been looking for another way to obtain a water supply that is permanent, clean, and safe. I wanted to be independent of gas and electricity if there were a prolonged blackout. My Bison pump, along with a wood stove with a flat surface to heat water, and flourescent lanterns will keep our house comfortable for a long period. The quality of the pump construction is very high, from the stainless steel to the brass fittings. I am sure this will work trouble free for many years.

I had expected to pump water from the well and haul it upstairs in pails, but our Bison pump can be connected to our water system and I can keep water flowing from faucets and flushes by hand pumping as needed.

The Bison Pump will be useful for many people. Recommended without reservation!


– Washburn, Maine