In the Event of Forest Fire, Use a BISON PUMP!

  • On April 7, 2017

Bison Hand Pump vs Forest Fire!

Dear Hand Pump gods,

I just thought I’d tell you how pleased I am with your pump. I purchased it a few years back as I wanted something that would work for a musher and his dog team who lives off the grid. It has never failed to work even with Alaska’s sub zero winters temperatures to keep my dogs and I in water.

The 20th of May it came through for me in a way I’d never have dreamed. On the Kenai we had a forest fire break out that ended burning up over 195,000 acres. At times the wind would rain down on my cabin ash as if I was in a snowstorm. Hooking up a garden hose with a sprinkler attached to your pump, I was able to pump literally for hours on end, for several days, and keep my grounds soaked with water. It was the first time I’d ever pumped it for such long intervals, and it performed as I expected, perfectly!

I’d reconmend your Bison hand pumps to anyone seeking a pump that will not fail and will last them their lifetime. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Respectfully, Bill