Dreaming of Installing a Bison Pump

  • On April 7, 2017

New Bison Pump InstallationJust wanted to let you know I finally got my pump installed this morning! I had emailed the installation videos to my well man (center in photo) and he watched them just before going to bed last night. He said this morning that he had dreamed about it and “installed that pump all night long!” Interestingly, in his dream he smashed his thumb while putting in the pump and cried out in his sleep, according to his wife. First thing he did when setting up his work bench was smash his thumb in one of the leg joints! After that, though, the installation went very well and the water came forth after only a few pumps of the handle. My cousin, Ann, was present for the first pumping and loved the pump after trying it out. The guys are going to start on her well this afternoon or tomorrow I think. Hopefully, she’ll be contacting you soon to get a pump just like mine. Thanks so much for all your help and support. It has been a great experience dealing with you and your company. If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll certainly recommend Bison to anyone else who’s thinking about installing a hand pump.

Have a great day!

Sally – NC