Bison Pumps – A Solution to Many Pet Peeves

  • On April 7, 2017


I have lost count as to how many Bison pumps I have installed in the last 6 years….

I once went looking for a better hand pump then what was available anywhere, and found the Bison online.. I thought to myself, now there is a pump that would actually hold up if I ever had to use the pump daily, or for a prolonged period…

I was correct. Since then the Bison team has proven their skills with solutions and innovation for some unique well head challenges…EACH time fabricating custom flanges etc…which functioned flawlessly (an artesian well with 11 GPM at the surface comes to mind).

A broad smile spread across my face when I opened the packaging on my most recent install..

There it was..the solution for one of my pet peeves….A modified conduit ell for the electric wire routing…In the past I have had to fabricate or modify to get a good seal and passage for the wire
entry…..again Bison has gone beyond just building a great pump…then I saw the new style of breather …now airtight installs have a better way to breath as the static level moves up and down the well.

I am writing this lengthy email as a salute to fine engineering and thoroughness…and to tip my hat to Bison team !

Thanks guys and gals! Gary – Tenino, Wa.