“Bison Pumps is First Class!”

  • On April 7, 2017

“The only words that comes to mind to describe my dealings with Bison Pumps is First Class! I was treated like a good neighbor and friend from the very start. They answered all my questions and provided professional assistance to make the whole installation process go smoothly. They even tracked my shipment across the continent into Canada, advising me on its progress. Before I ordered the pump the wife was insistent that she did not want an “old hand pump” visible any where inside her home. Thankfully that all changed when the pump was unpacked. Her first words were, “Who would ever put this outside, it’s too nice to be sitting out in the yard”. Needless to say she’s happy having it in our home and we are both happy for the peace of mind it provides.

Of course all that really mattered to me was if the pump was going to last and what it would take to keep it working. So directly after placing the order I enquired as to what replacement parts I should purchase to ship with the order. The customer service person was silent for a moment and when she spoke sounded a little baffled. She said, “the only thing I can think of is a few O ring washers. But you will probably never need them.” She was right of course. Bison Pumps are built to last a long time which is obvious as soon as you see or pick one up. Definitely one of the best built products I have ever purchased.”

Keith B.
Edgewood, British Columbia – Canada