Water Without “The Man” Using a Bison Hand Water Pump

  • On April 7, 2017

Angel from Suninthebeeches Farmstead shared pictures from the installation of her Bison hand water pump with us. As you can see, she had everything spread out like we ask. She thought the welds “were pretty”. (I won’t tell the guys you used the word “pretty”!)

How To Install Hand Water Pump


This happy customer loved the “security” of having a Bison Pump and not being dependent on electricity. As you can see, there are three men helping with the installation. We recommend two, but three is never a crowd. The ladder was to stand on while they held the pipe straight up in the air. In the instructions, we advise against trying to install more than one 8′ piece at a time. People like to join them all together and then try to install in, but that strains the pipe and may cause the stainless steel rod to bend.

Hand Water Pump InstallationHand Water Pump Installation

Installation is done… and everyone is happy! Enjoy!

Hand Water Pump InstallationHand Water Pump Installation

This Bison Deep Well Pump was installed in 2011 in Pennsylvania. More pictures are available on Angel’s Facebook page… at Suninthebeeches Farmstead.

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