A Bison Hand Pump In Memory of Brad White

  • On April 7, 2017

A Bison Hand Pump in Honor of Brad White

It is an honor and a privilege when a Bison Hand Pump is purchased to remember a loved one. Brad White, son of well driller David White of Delaware, was killed in a car crash in 2007. David shared with us that planting flowers and caring for them is a cherished way to remember his son. He thought of a hand pump when the cemetery did not want to put in any device which would require electricity on an on-going basis. So he researched hand pumps and decided on a Bison Pump. He drilled the well and with the assistance of another employee installed the Bison Hand Pump in under an hour.

David said in a note to Bison Pumps the “icing on the cake” was the added touch of stenciling “In Memory of Brad White” on the handle of the pump.

Thank you David White and family for allowing us the honor of remembering the life of your son with a Bison Hand Pump and providing the gift of water so that others may love and care for their loved ones as well; what a beautiful and generous gift you have given to many.

Bison Pump in Memory of Brad White