New Bison Playground Pump at Champoeg Park

Bison Pumps New Feature in Nature Play Area at Champoeg Park

We received a sweet e-mail from Richard from Friends of Champoeg Park in regards to our Bison Pump Playground Pump Kit he purchased recently.  We don’t often know what becomes of our pumps once they leave us here in Maine, but Richard kept us in the loop and we LOVE what has done there in Oregon.

This is Richard’s explanation of the project:

“Oregon Parks and Recreation’s Champoeg Park is a state heritage area. The park is located along the Willamette River about half way between the state’s largest city, Portland, and the state capitol of Salem. It is one of Oregon’s oldest parks. The site was chosen as a state park in the 1920s because the first government of the Old Oregon Country was established at the Champoeg site in 1843.

OPRD has volunteer non-profit organizations that help the state park system meet their mission. The non-profit organizations organize volunteers to put on camping programs and other types of events and programs that OPRD could not afford to fund. Our non-profit is called Friends of Historic Champoeg (FHC).

Two years ago, a donor contacted the Park manager wanting to fund the building of a play area for children since the Park did not have such a facility. The donor and his wife would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 2016. They had raised their two daughters camping at Champoeg throughout their formative years. Now their extended family, including grandchildren, was camping at the Park several times per year. For their 50th anniversary, they decided to fund the construction of a Nature Play Area. Since they could not donate money directly to the Park System  for the construction of the Nature Play Area, their accountant suggested that they donate the money to the FHC. FHC could then have the play area built. After the Nature Play Area is complete, FHC will be able to legally turn over the play area to Champoeg State Heritage Area.

Currently, the play area is 99% complete. It opened on this past Memorial Weekend. In a few weeks, when the play area is 100% completed, FHC will transfer ownership to OPRD.”

Thank you Richard and the Friends of Champoeg Park for inviting Bison Pumps to be part of the new Nature Play Area. It looks like a great place for children to play and what a beautiful legacy this couple have left for children to enjoy for many years to come.

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